The Lord gave me the idea to do a nativity painting this Christmas and this is what He poured forth from my brush.  He gave me the idea to add some very important Scripture to the bottom of the painting to be used as a devotional tool for families.  The Scriptures are all prophecies (beginning with the very first prophecy about Jesus – Genesis 3:15) about Jesus’ birth, ministry, death, resurrection, and the final Scripture is a prophecy about His second coming (Revelation 21).  My prayer is that this will be a tool for families to use throughout the month of December to get into the Word together.  Sometimes the only place people know to turn to during this time of year are the gospels – which are a great place to read, don’t get me wrong – but there’s SOOOOOOO much more about Jesus and what He came to do throughout the WHOLE bible – especially in the Old Testament.  So, please feel free to use this list of Scripture and sit down with your family this Christmas season and savor what was foretold about Jesus’ life and death LONG before He ever stepped on earth.  The details of these prophecies are mind boggling.  I pray you would find His Word to be sweeter than honey – maybe you’ll even “taste” some things you’ve never seen before in His precious Word!  Merry Christmas! 

Here are the Scriptures that are at the bottom of the painting: 

  1. Genesis 3:15
  2. Micah 5:1-2
  3. Isaiah 40:1-5
  4. Isaiah 7:14
  5. Isaiah 9:6-7
  6. Zachariah 9:9
  7. Isaiah 53
  8. Isaiah 50:6
  9. Psalm 22:14-18
  10. Isaiah 11
  11. Isaiah 61:1-3
  12. Revelation 21:1-7


You can click on the picture to see a larger version of it.