The love of my life is Jesus Christ and His Word.  I want to glorify Him in everything I do – including my hobbies.  I’ve loved drawing and painting since I was a young child.  I use to sit and paint with my Granny (who was a great artist) for hours at her kitchen table when I was a child.  I get my creativity from my Granny and my Father (my heavenly Father – the ultimate Creator!).  Sometime around the end of high school I stopped drawing/painting, but continued using the creativity in me in other ways.  The summer of 2006, for some reason, I picked the paintbrush back up and found a long lost love.  I think I love it this time around even more because I’m trying to use it for the glory of my wonderful Savior.  I love reading the Word, studying the Word, teaching the Word, and painting the Word of God.   I pray as you look through this site it will stir-up in you a love for His precious and powerful Word!