by sandihester

My breath is offensive to my wife…  Job 19:17

You have to be familiar with the book of Job to understand the context of this verse.  It’s one that cracks me up on one hand and pulls my heart strings on the other.  Out of all the things Job has to worry about, he is concerned about his bad breath and how offensive it is to his wife!  Man alive my God has a sense of humor – out of all the things recorded in the bible – God chose to let us know that Job worried over his bad breath.  On the other hand we see, through the precious words of scripture, a man who deeply loves his wife and desperately wants her close by his side during this hard time in his life.  It concerns him that he not only has sores covering his body, but to top it off, his breath may keep her further away.  What a sweet tender man.

While we are on the topic of Job, I cannot pass up this opportunity to share this great thought from Phillip Yancey’s book ‘The Bible Jesus Read’.  I have this quote of his written in my bible by Job 13:15, “Though He slay me, yet will I hope in Him.”  Phillip Yancey says this, “Do we have the freedom and ability to believe God for no other reason than, well… for no reason at all?  Can a person believe even when God appears to him as an enemy?  Job prefers to live with the agonizing paradox, that God still loves him even though all evidence points against it.”