The Fruit Of Our Lips

by sandihester

From the fruit of his lips a man is filled with good things as surely as the work of his hands rewards him.  Proverbs 12:14

Do you think much about what comes out of your lips?  Do you pray very much about the words of your mouth or the meditation of your heart?  The Word of God is clear that what is in our heart will come out of our lips.  One thing that burdens my heart as a woman, is how sinful we are as women in-regards to our mouth.  We, oftentimes, take such pleasure from the sin that comes from our own mouths or the mouths of others.  We delight in it – we seek it – we find pleasure in the sins of our lips.  Oh ladies, may our hearts break over the sin that is birthed in our hearts and then is allowed to pour-forth from our lips.  Just the other day, to be more specific – the Lords day of all days, I sinned by telling something to Grady that was shared with me in confidence.  You may think that sharing something in confidence with my spouse if fine, but I know what the root of it was in my heart.  My only reason in sharing it with him was to share it.  I went before the Lord and confessed the sin of my heart and mouth.  Forgiveness was found in Him.  May I turn from my sinful ways.  Oh how I want to walk in His ways and not my own.  Yesterday I was also wounded from the results of the mouth – not my own this time, but another’s.  Oh the power that is in the lips – how it can sting and wound.  May our lips be filled with good things – with fruit that is sweet, healthy, good for others, pleasant, wholesome, and filled with the Spirit.  Lord, help us in this area as women.  We are desperate for Your guidance, for Your rebuke, and for Your sanctification (making us into His image).  We need You – please come and do these things in my life!