Enjoying Springlike Weather

by sandihester

Do you give the horse his strength or clothe his neck with a flowing mane?  Job 39:19 

After church yesterday Grady and I got the springtime itch because the weather was so nice (especially compared to the weather we’ve been having) so we decided to get out and enjoy it.  Grady loves to creek fish so that’s what he did outdoors and I painted.  I found a field with some horses in it and decided to try my hand at painting some horses.  I think I could have done a lot better job if they hadn’t moved so much!  I would get one leg painted and the horse would move – it was very frustrating :).  As you can tell I need a LOT more practice with horses – preferably non-moving horses.  Next time I think I’ll take pictures and paint them in my studio (AKA kitchen) at home – that way they can’t move on me and I won’t have to be in such a hurry to paint them that I make them look like moose instead of horses.  After a while I gave up on the horses and drove around and found an old house I love off of Station Camp road.  I found the perfect place to park and painted my heart out.  I really like how the house turned out – especially compared to those poor horses!  I’ll definitely be painting the house again.