Envelopes From Africa

by sandihester

Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples.  I Chronicles 16:24

This is one of those “old into new” projects I talked about in a previous post.  I took envelopes from letters that were sent to me from friends in Africa and glued and taped them together and painted this map of Africa on them.  I love how you can see notes that were written to us on the envelopes, postage stamps from Africa, and the beautiful pink color of one of the envelopes – I think it adds some character to the painting and preserves some precious things to me in a very neat way.  I added things on the map that are unique to Africa and to some of my friends that are there.  You’ll see some of the creatures and critters (love and hated) from Africa, some of the people, houses, trees, air planes used to bring in supplies and people, and even a hospital that our friends worked at.  If you click on the main picture you can see a larger version of it (after clicking on the large picture, if you’ll place your cursor at the bottom right hand corner a box will come up with arrows on it – click it and  you can see it even larger – all the pictures on this blog should do that) and you can also click on the thumbnail pictures to see some details of the map.