Systematic Theology Paper

by sandihester

Well, once again the lack of posting has been due to my work on another paper for my systematic theology class.  This paper, however, has not been an ordinary paper –  I may have the coolest professor ever!  He decided for this last paper to let those of us who have a creative bent use that creativity for this 3rd essay.  The class has the option to write an essay (like normal), record a piece of music, paint, sculpt, or whatever else one can come up with to creatively explain the doctrine of the Trinity.  How much fun is that???  I jumped all over this!  The Lord gave me a creative way to express the Trinity for this project.  I’ll be painting 3 different paintings to capture each Person of the Trinity, but I’ll be combining them in a creative way to express the 3 in 1 concept of the Trinity.  I’ll be posting each painting as I complete them.  So you’ll get a little art and a little doctrine all at the same time :).  Below is a picture of Hannah (my niece) and me working hard on this essay (of course Hannah is just “play” painting).