Summer Painting Classes

by sandihester

This is something I never thought I would be doing, but this summer I’ll be teaching beginner watercolor painting classes at the Hendersonville Arts Council!  I’m really excited about this new opportunity the Lord has opened up.  Here’s the scoop on the classes…

The class will meet for six weeks (see registration form for dates and times) and will be for beginners.  In this class you will learn the basic skills of watercolor painting: materials, how to mix colors that are fresh and not muddy, how to make beautiful darks and neutrals, different ways of applying the paint, contour drawing, and much more.  The focus of the class will be painting in a loose style.  In the class you will learn how to let the brush and the paint do most of the work and how to suggest things instead of state every detail.  You’ll learn how to paint flowers, trees, skies, landscapes, buildings, people and much more in a loose painterly style.

If you’re interested in the class here’s the registration form and supply list.  Just print it and mail in the registration form to the Hendersonville Arts Council with the payment.  You can also get the registration form and supply list from the HAC website.

Below is a sketch I did in my small (5″ x 3″) sketch journal of an old house.