by sandihester

I will bless those who bless you. Genesis 12:3

Well, we are all moved into our rental and getting settled in. We have felt overwhelmed by several who have abundantly blessed us during this move. I have learned how to better serve and bless others through this move – I’ll share more on that later. The day before we had the movers scheduled some dear friends came over with two (of their seven) kids and moved ALL of our boxes for us. You have no idea how this family served and blessed us. Their two youngest boys that helped didn’t complain one time and they worked constantly – hard work may I add. I didn’t pack my boxes for friends to move – I packed them for movers to move – do you know what I mean??? Some, if not many, were HEAVY!!! I just hated it every time they picked up a box labeled ‘books’ (there were way too many of those) or ‘china’ – I should have just labeled them ‘heavy’. To have friends who cared about our stuff and took great care in the way they handled our fragile stuff was such a blessing to me. My sister-in-law and my mom also blessed us with meals. This may seem small but you have NO idea what a blessing that was to us. We were TIRED and tired of eating fast food by the day of the real move. There were a couple of nights I would have just gone to bed hungry I was so tired – but for Grady that wasn’t on option :). I learned how huge a meal can be during something like this.

Here’s what I learned about being a blessing to someone who’s moving: meals are huge – even if they’re not home cooked meals – just to pick something up for someone so they don’t have to think about it or go in to a food place when they are dirty and stinky. I also learned that a meal a night or two before the big move day would be a huge blessing too because everything is packed up. Some are like my Mom and have the gift of making food and being hospitable – if you are like that and would like to bless a friend who is moving then take them a meal the day before the move. If you are like me (and another friend – Carrie are you out there???) – who find cooking for others stressful (not sure why I feel like this – I think I stress too much about what to make – will they like it? – how do I package it? – do I take it cold or already heated?) then just pick something up from Cracker Barrel or some other convenient food place – seriously, ANYTHING will be good to a starving, tired, dirty family who’s moving.

Thank you SOOOOOOO much to those who loved on us during that stressful time. I’m praying the above scripture for you.

The picture below has nothing to do with us moving. It’s just the only painting I have to share with you. It’s one I did before we moved. I’ve been painting in my prayer journal at times and this is a painting I did from another of Bea’s photos. I’m hoping to be back on here soon to share pictures from my visit to the zoo and some details about commissions I’m going to start doing.

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