Frog Hollow Farm

by sandihester

I had a great weekend from start to finish and I’d like to share a little piece of it with you because it has to do with art. A friend and (art) student of mine had a neat little art thing at her house this past Saturday. She lives on a 33 acre farm called Frog Hollow Farm and she has a beautiful home! She invited artists to come out on her land to paint for the day. The weather wasn’t the best and hindered some from coming – but not those of us who are hard core :)! I love love love doing stuff like this. I was so glad Dawn decided to host it. She took great care of us with wonderful hot tea, hot coco, and coffee. She even came out and reheated mine for me :)! I did have a little problem with whatever I was drinking though – I kept rinsing my watercolor brush out in my drink and then I would forget and drink from it (until Dawn was kind enough to bring a little stool for me to set my coffee on – thanks Dawn)!

painting at fhf

Grady and I are leaving this weekend for a little fall painting/fishing trip to North Carolina to the Biltmore house, so this weekend was good practice to use my travel painting supplies and see if I was bundling up enough for the cooler weather. I got these great gloves that have the fingers cut out so I can paint and still keep my hands fairly warm. I think I finally have some great travel painting supplies. It’s taken me a while to get them just right. I’ve tried out several different palettes, tables, and chairs but what I’ve got now works perfect for the job. I got this great little light table that worked really well Saturday – it gave me just the right amount of table top room and my water container hanging to the side worked perfectly. I also ordered a new little travel palette that I LOVE. It’s just like my regular one but smaller. If you look close you can see that in some of the pans (the little plastic things the paint goes in) I’ve put 2-3 colors. 

First time to use travel box - yummy clean colors - this is the last time it will look like this!

First time to use travel box - yummy clean colors - this is the last time it will look like this!

I only completed one sketch because of the frequent warm-up breaks I took. I hope Dawn has us out again – I had a great day of painting with other artists – even if it was cold and windy. 

frog hollow farm