Missing Molly…

by sandihester

A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal. Proverbs 12:10

Our little girl of 7 years is no longer with us – she has left a huge hole in our hearts and home. She filled a bigger spot than Grady and I realized. Most of you know that we can’t have children – the Lord has closed my womb, for whatever reason He has called us, for now, to be childless and to have spiritual children instead. The Lord blessed us for 7 sweet years to have Molly to some what fill the need (in me especially) of holding and caring for a little one – she was our “baby”. Even though she wasn’t fond of kisses or being held she “put up” with me covering her in sugars and holding her as often as I could. She eventually loved being snuggled with and that was something I loved doing with her – we both kept each other warm.

Molly is a stone making machine – a bladder stone making machine that is. Schnauzers are prone to bladder stones but Molly created them WAY too quickly. A few weeks ago she had to have surgery to remove 8 stones and 2 of them were severely blocked and stuck. Two surgeons had to work very hard on her to get them removed – it was an intense surgery. Unfortunately there were complications after her surgery – she wasn’t getting better – she was getting worse. After MANY visits to the vet they found out that there were serious complications and she wasn’t going to recover from them. We had to make the very hard decision of putting her down. We spent one last long and heart wrenching night with her to say our goodbyes. She was in such pain I was glad she wasn’t suffering any more but man oh man was it hard to say goodbye to that cute little thing. She was a great dog and she was a precious gift to us for those 7 years. I’m thankful to the Lord that He gave her to us. Ok, at this point I can’t see the screen because of the tears… I think I’ll get on to the pictures – a little tribute to Molly.

These next two are my all time favorite because we should have named her Bissell or Hoover or some vacuum name because she cleaned our floors – she worked like a little mop with that beard of hers. These two are shots I got of her after cleaning the floor and ending up with a dorito chip on her nose :).

This is Molly with her best doggy friend – her cousin Madison. Neither one of them were fond of other dogs but strangely they loved each other.


These were her two favorite places to be – snuggled up with her daddy or snuggled up in her bed.

 And lastly, me and Molly the first week we got her. You sure are missed Miss Molly – we loved you dearly!