Meet The Newest Addition…

by sandihester


to our family – Cooper! We started looking for another dog about 6-7 months ago. Grady thought since we were buying property we needed a bigger dog 🙂 – I jumped on the chance to get another dog. So I started researching larger breeds that don’t shed (since I have bad allergies) and that are laid back – I didn’t want a large spastic house dog. We came across a rare breed that seemed to good to be true. Cooper is a Korthals Griffon – also called a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. They are hunting dogs that are low shedding, love people and children, and are couch potatoes.

Before we got Cooper I took my niece and nephew to the pet store to pick out a toy to give Cooper (they’d never been in a pet store so they were fascinated). Of course Hannah would have bought the whole store for him. Here she’s giving love to the “snake dog” she picked out for him and Aidan liked the “snack” aisle (that didn’t surprise me :)) and thought this would be a great treat for Cooper. That’s NOT what we ended up getting for Cooper though :).

We have fallen head over heals in love with this little guy. He is a snuggle bug and a lover boy – he loves kisses, rubs, and snuggling. He’s VERY laid back! And he is beyond cute – seriously good-looking.

The breeder lives in Iowa and were kind enough to meet us half-way. So Saturday we hit the road and met up with them at a rest stop (the happy new parents below). We were on the road ALL day (5:15am – 6:30pm) but it flew by for me :). Cooper slept in my arms the whole ride home. This breeder is top-notch and has 3 more pups (it was a very large litter) if you’re interested let me know and I’ll hook you up with them. You can click on any of the pictures to see that cute little face larger. I’m sure you’ll be seeing paintings of this little guy soon – he seems to like to pose for the camera and hopefully for his artist momma. This little guy is a real blessing to us!