The New Addition

by sandihester


I would like to introduce you to Cooper’s new best bud – Templeton! I’ve been keeping my eye on PetFinders – a website that lets you see what dogs are up for adoption around you –  for a couple of months. Cooper LOVES other dogs and I thought since we have all this land why not get another one :)! This little guy is a great fit for our family – he’s laid back – he’s kind of like a little old man – he moves slow and gentle unless he’s playing with Cooper. They have some major WWF wrestling matches – they just waller around on the floor together and then after the wrestling match they both collapse in sheer exhaustion! Templeton came for a “sleep over” this weekend to see if he’d be a good fit and it went WAY better than I ever imagined it would go. If I start back volunteering at a nursing home he will be a great one to take with me to love on the old people because he’s very gentle and has an old soul and is just a love bug. He’s only about a year old but he acts more like he’s 10 years old – except for when he’s playing with Cooper. Cooper acts more like he’s 10 years old now too – guess they are both wearing each other out. It’s a good fit for all of us. It was Grady’s turn to name our dog and I think he came up with a great name that fits this dog really good!