Trip to Maine – Part 1

by sandihester

    hiking view trees ocean

We usually take a painting trip for me and last year (yes, I know I’m a little behind :)) we took a trip to Maine. We agreed that it was our all time favorite trip. It was BEAUTIFUL! I painted a ton while we were there. We had a wonderful view from our room so I painted a lot from our balcony. We had a great view of Porcupine Island (don’t you love the name!) and there were colorful boats out there all the time. Here’s our view & our hotel…

view from rm


We also went to the beach one day and while I painted Grady hiked the hill/mountain I was painting. Here’s the view from the mountain – Grady took a picture of me on the beach waaayyy down there.

painting bh beach

view from hiking - Copy

I will share the paintings I did on the trip in the next post – you can see one of my paintings on my easel in one of the pictures above.