For the Men

by sandihester

4x4 oil

4×4 oil

 This post is a little more for the men – it leans towards the masculine side of subjects for my art – which isn’t much. I tend to paint more “girlie” subjects – birds and flowers. But for the men that follow my blog – this one is for you :)! I think my dad would like this little truck painting. I thought of him when I painted it. I was driving home from the grocery store one day and in front of me was this neat old blue truck. I loved the glowing red lights with the blue and the great shape of the old truck so I grabbed my phone and started trying to capture some quick pictures and stay on the road and not hit anyone :). I don’t have a clue what type it was – I’m not good with car types, but Grady on the other hand could tell you what kind of car every neighbor drove in our old neighborhood. We’d be at Wal-mart of somewhere and Grady would say – oh, they live 5 doors down from us – we wouldn’t know the people’s name but Grady knew their car.

The boat is one I painted from our Maine trip.

5x7 oil

5×7 oil