New Art Supplies!

by sandihester

I just got in a whole new box of oil pastels. It’s a medium I’ve dabbled in for sketching but I only have 4 colors and I thought this could be a good medium for sketching this summer – we have a lot of travel coming up. First things first when getting something like this is to do a color chart. I’m a total art nerd and I love nothing more than doing color charts – especially with a new medium or new colors. An artist MUST know her medium and how her colors play together and color charts is a great place to start. Besides the fact that color charts are SOOOOOO pretty – or at least I think so. These pastels are like “painting” with colored butter and they make you stay loose. I love a medium or tool that keeps you from getting too detailed AND something that allows you to make marks and keep those marks is a winner in my book!

This is what they looked like when I first opened the box. Then I rearranged them so they were laid out like my normal layout –  color families from light to dark.