Sandi Hester

Paintings by Sandi Hester

Spilled Berries

Sandi Hester, oil

Sandi Hester, oil


Nativity Puzzel

Sandi Hester, oil, puzzle

Sandi Hester, oil, puzzle

This is a nativity puzzle I painted for a precious friend’s baby shower. I’m working on a very large nativity two part painting and this is slightly inspired by it. The larger works aren’t so kid-like but I am doing them from a different perspective than is normally shown. In this scene Mary and Joseph have just arrived to the manger and are “assessing” what their reality is as the ducks and sheep look on.


Sandi Hester, oil, 18X24

Same subject – more subdued colors

Sandi Hester

Sandi Hester, oil 18×24, African Women & Children

Here’s another version of my African Women and Children but in a whole new color palette – neutrals. This painting may still look very colorful, but every color on this painting is a neutral – meaning every color has red, yellow, and blue in it and is basically a grey. At one point I put a pure color on the painting and it literally looked like a neon sign! That’s one of the things you must know how to do for a painting to be good – know how to make neutrals. Every color on here I would try to “kill” (meaning knock it down – grey it down) – it would look like “mud” on my palette and then I’d put a stroke on the painting and it would look like a glowing yellow or red or blue.

Tea, Lemons, and Juice

Sandi Hester, oil

Sandi Hester, oil, Tea, Lemons, and Juice

My quick sketch and my finished painting.

Studio Shot - Sandi Hester

Large Still Life

Sandi Hester

Sandi Hester, oil 18×20 still life

This is quite a large one for me, but I’ve been doing many more large ones lately and playing with different ways of laying the paint down. I’m really happy with this one.

African Women & Children

Sandi Hester oil

Sandi Hester, oil on paper 18×24

Diverting from art – Real life here!

Today I have a small celebration – I’m a type 1 diabetic and for the last 2 years have been giving myself multiple shots for any food I eat and for high blood sugars. Tomorrow I am getting an insulin pump and won’t have to do this any more on a daily basis – whoop whoop!!! Here’s a short video to give you a peek at what 10 months of shots looks like! If you have trouble viewing the video you can click here and go to my youtube channel.


10 months of shots!

African Women and Children

Sandi Hester oil

Sandi Hester, oil on paper, 18 x 24

The finished painting! I couldn’t get one single photo to capture the color accurately – so frustrating! This is the best I could do but the original is so much prettier and has a creamy buttery feel about it.

Sandi Hester

Sandi Hester, oil on paper