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My New Website!!!!!!

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I’ve launched my new website and I’m so excited to share it with you!!! I’ve been working on it for about a year and I’m over the moon with how it’s turned out. I would LOVE for you to check it out and let me know what you think. Feedback would be greatly appreciated! Also, on the contact page you can sign-up to be notified when I update things on the site.

You will find paintings in categories and I will regularly update my studio page with more pics from my studio (there’s already lots of pics there now!). From the website you can get to this blog and to my Instagram site. Hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!


New Art Supplies!

I just got in a whole new box of oil pastels. It’s a medium I’ve dabbled in for sketching but I only have 4 colors and I thought this could be a good medium for sketching this summer – we have a lot of travel coming up. First things first when getting something like this is to do a color chart. I’m a total art nerd and I love nothing more than doing color charts – especially with a new medium or new colors. An artist MUST know her medium and how her colors play together and color charts is a great place to start. Besides the fact that color charts are SOOOOOO pretty – or at least I think so. These pastels are like “painting” with colored butter and they make you stay loose. I love a medium or tool that keeps you from getting too detailed AND something that allows you to make marks and keep those marks is a winner in my book!

This is what they looked like when I first opened the box. Then I rearranged them so they were laid out like my normal layout –  color families from light to dark.

The Ever Changing Table


No, it hasn’t changed in each of these photos – I just couldn’t decide which one to post so why not post all my favorites?! This is a table in my studio that I work at a lot but it also gets stuffed with all kinds of things – mainly my succulents and still-life stuff. But somehow it usually looks nice – where as my still-life shelf stays a mess. I’m not one to move things around in my house at lot like some of my friends (you know who you are!) who are always moving furniture around and rearranging rooms – that almost put me in the mad house when I tried it once 🙂 – but this little space I can handle rearranging and it changing. So, here’s a little peep into how it looks today.

It was originally my brothers – it was in his garage and he stacked his paint cans on it – eek! How could you do that to such a cute table???!!! Then I inherited it and it’s been our kitchen table, dining room table, and now one of 4 studio tables. It’s on wheels too which I love because I can move it around fairly easily. Well, that was way more than you ever wanted to know about my studio table but there is all is anyways :).

Sea and Sky


oil by Sandi Hester


oil by Sandi Hester

These are from a couple years ago when we took a family vacation to the beach. I don’t paint like this often but I liked how these turned out. I set-up my easel in the den overlooking the ocean (we were at the top of this majorly tall condo) and the family (especially the nieces and nephews) enjoyed watching my painting process. I have fond memories when I look at these paintings.



24×24 still-life oil painting by Sandi Hester

LARGE still-life.

Spilled Berries

Sandi Hester, oil

Sandi Hester, oil

Nativity Puzzel

Sandi Hester, oil, puzzle

Sandi Hester, oil, puzzle

This is a nativity puzzle I painted for a precious friend’s baby shower. I’m working on a very large nativity two part painting and this is slightly inspired by it. The larger works aren’t so kid-like but I am doing them from a different perspective than is normally shown. In this scene Mary and Joseph have just arrived to the manger and are “assessing” what their reality is as the ducks and sheep look on.


Sandi Hester, oil, 18X24

Same subject – more subdued colors

Sandi Hester

Sandi Hester, oil 18×24, African Women & Children

Here’s another version of my African Women and Children but in a whole new color palette – neutrals. This painting may still look very colorful, but every color on this painting is a neutral – meaning every color has red, yellow, and blue in it and is basically a grey. At one point I put a pure color on the painting and it literally looked like a neon sign! That’s one of the things you must know how to do for a painting to be good – know how to make neutrals. Every color on here I would try to “kill” (meaning knock it down – grey it down) – it would look like “mud” on my palette and then I’d put a stroke on the painting and it would look like a glowing yellow or red or blue.

Tea, Lemons, and Juice

Sandi Hester, oil

Sandi Hester, oil, Tea, Lemons, and Juice

My quick sketch and my finished painting.