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Whoop Whoop for Spring!

6x6 oil

6×6 oil

I’m so excited that spring is FINALLY here – is it just me, or did it feel like forever in getting here? Here’s a little still life that I set up in my back yard where I could see it from my studio. I will be back soon for an exciting announcement of where you will be able to purchase my art in the very near future.

Video of Pochade Boxes From Alla Prima

Merry Christmas! I just shot a new video that I’m excited to share with you. I wanted to do a video a while back when I purchased a new pochade box from Alla Prima a year or so ago but never did it. WELL, I loved my box so much that I just purchased another one – a smaller version and I did a short video to show you both of them.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with a pochade box it’s a box you take out and about to paint on – it’s a “desk” and easel all in one! This is a BEAUTIFUL and very functional thought-out box. I just love both of them. Ben (the wonderful and creative designer and builder of these boxes) has thought of everything. These boxes are different from anything else out on the market. The craftsmanship is outstanding! They are functional and a pleasure to work with every time I use them.

Hope you enjoy the video and make sure to check out Ben’s boxes at

If you have problems viewing the video then try my YouTube page here:

Art Sale – November 16th

strawberries and coffee, sandi Hester, 8x10 oilI’m having my annual art sale at our house again this year. The prices of my oil paintings will be a lot less than I sell them in public – this will be the friends and family prices. I have a TON of new paintings so I hope you’ll come out and see all the new stuff. These little oil paintings would make great one of a kind Christmas gifts. This one is a still life I set up in our backyard and painted from my studio. I do that a lot. My studio is also in our house so you will be able to tour our house and my studio while you’re here. Details below – hope to see you!

The sale will be Saturday, November 16th from 10:00am – noon. Our address is 4252 Burton Hollow Rd, Whites Creek TN 37189.

Chestnut Group Show & Sale

NashvilleOpenAir_email invite-1

I’ve mentioned before that I’m part of a plein air painting group here in Nashville called the Chestnut group – we call ourselves “the nuts” for short. Those of you who know me well will say that fits me well :). We are having a show and sale that I wanted to let you know about. You will find all the details above. This show will have paintings we’ve painted all around Nashville. I will have the following three paintings in the show/sale.

8x8 oil

8×8 oil

6x6 oil

6×6 oil

8x8 Oil

8×8 Oil

For the Men

4x4 oil

4×4 oil

 This post is a little more for the men – it leans towards the masculine side of subjects for my art – which isn’t much. I tend to paint more “girlie” subjects – birds and flowers. But for the men that follow my blog – this one is for you :)! I think my dad would like this little truck painting. I thought of him when I painted it. I was driving home from the grocery store one day and in front of me was this neat old blue truck. I loved the glowing red lights with the blue and the great shape of the old truck so I grabbed my phone and started trying to capture some quick pictures and stay on the road and not hit anyone :). I don’t have a clue what type it was – I’m not good with car types, but Grady on the other hand could tell you what kind of car every neighbor drove in our old neighborhood. We’d be at Wal-mart of somewhere and Grady would say – oh, they live 5 doors down from us – we wouldn’t know the people’s name but Grady knew their car.

The boat is one I painted from our Maine trip.

5x7 oil

5×7 oil

Starting Work On the Garden

We got a new tiller yesterday because our old one gave us all she’s got. So now we are ready to get our little garden ready and plant some yummy veggies! I LOVE being about to go to the grocery store in my own back yard :)! Granted we have a limited variation in our “grocery store” but I love that I can at least make a salad and salad dressing from my small garden with the veggies and herbs. Here’s a quick painting I did of some of the tomatoes in our garden last year. I did it more in a sketch book style – I like doing this from time to time.

8x8 oil

8×8 oil

Birds, Birds, And More Birds


6×6 oil

Well, if you haven’t picked up on this yet I like to paint birds. I’m trying my best to get caught up on all the paintings I have to share with you – I’m WAY behind, so I thought I’d share a cluster of my bird paintings with you. I’m still working on getting good at photographing my oil paintings so I apologize because some of these didn’t photograph very well but I just didn’t take the time to redo them. Most, if not all, of these birds are finches. Click on any of them to see them larger.

This oil painting was done more like my sketches in my sketch books. I like doing simple line drawings with notes and I thought I’d see how that would turn out on a canvas and I like how it looks. I did another one of a single bird but can’t find the picture of it – if I find it or decide to take another picture of it I’ll post it. 

8×8 oil

Trip to Maine – Part 2


8×8 oil

In the previous post I shared about our trip to Maine last fall and as promised here are the paintings from that trip. I painted these two the day I was on the beach while Grady hiked. The rest are other scenes from our balcony or from around the local area.

8x8 oil

8×8 oil

blue boat

6×6 oil

boats at bar harbor

8×8 oil


8×8 oil

yellow boat

6×6 oil

Trip to Maine – Part 1

    hiking view trees ocean

We usually take a painting trip for me and last year (yes, I know I’m a little behind :)) we took a trip to Maine. We agreed that it was our all time favorite trip. It was BEAUTIFUL! I painted a ton while we were there. We had a wonderful view from our room so I painted a lot from our balcony. We had a great view of Porcupine Island (don’t you love the name!) and there were colorful boats out there all the time. Here’s our view & our hotel…

view from rm


We also went to the beach one day and while I painted Grady hiked the hill/mountain I was painting. Here’s the view from the mountain – Grady took a picture of me on the beach waaayyy down there.

painting bh beach

view from hiking - Copy

I will share the paintings I did on the trip in the next post – you can see one of my paintings on my easel in one of the pictures above.

The Path To Spring…

“Let the winter come – it’s the only path to spring.”


8×8 Oil Stick

That’s about the only thing I like about winter – it’s the path to spring! The bleak, cold, dead, dreary, colorless days of winter are what make the warm, life-filled, colorful days of spring so exciting and beautiful.  And it’s a beautiful picture of the gospel – death gives way to new Life!

This painting was done with my oil sticks. I love the buttery loose feel of these and how you have to layer and mix the paint on the board. I’ve been doing a LOT of flower paintings like this – more to come later!

oil sticks