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Paintings Now For Sale At Local Boutique!

IMG_0476For those in Nashville, you can now purchase my art in a little shop in Glenbrook shopping center in Hendersonville! My art is in an unlikely place – it’s in a hair salon’s gift shop. BUT it’s not just your standard salon gift shop – the new owner’s of Rodelle’s Salon (soon to be called Colour Salon Suites – how appropriate is that for my art?!) have transformed the boutique into a beautiful space that has handmade items for sale all from Tennessee. They have soaps, candles, jewelry, lip balm, ect. and ART!IMG_0474IMG_0468

I will be changing out the paintings regularly and my goal is to post the new paintings so you can see what’s available for purchase. There are a couple of other paintings up now on the wall other than these in the picture. Below are a handful of the paintings up close – click on any of them to see more detail. For those that have wanted more access to my art I hope you will stop by the boutique!


Whoop Whoop for Spring!

6x6 oil

6×6 oil

I’m so excited that spring is FINALLY here – is it just me, or did it feel like forever in getting here? Here’s a little still life that I set up in my back yard where I could see it from my studio. I will be back soon for an exciting announcement of where you will be able to purchase my art in the very near future.

Chestnut Group Paintout

6×6 oil

I’m part of a plein air (just a fancy name for painting outdoors) painting group called the Chestnut Group that has special paintouts where we get to paint at places not always open to the general public. We get to paint in some really neat places all over Tennessee. These two paintings are from my first paintout with this group in Warfield, TN (I think that’s where we were). My first painting was of a wonderful old red barn that was HUGE.

After lunch I was pretty wiped out but decided to venture out by myself into the little town square that had some great old buildings – I did this second one really fast.

6×6 oil

On to Oils…

6×6 oil – SOLD

I’m moving on from my acrylics (tired of those) and ready to move onto sharing my oils with you. I have a ton – since I’ve started painting in oils I’ve been painting like crazy – I just LOVE them! Grady walked into my studio the other day and said, “wow – you have a LOT of paintings in here – you need to have an art sale and clear this place out!”. I’m going to go back to the beginning and start there with sharing with you. You will notice a difference as I start progressing – I start finding my way after a little while and finding my voice and how I like to apply paint. You’ll start to see the paint application get much thicker with a lot of texture. I found I like thick and juicy paint. I think this was my very first oil painting I did of a little kitty and her bowl of milk. And speaking of art sale – I’ll be having one sometime in October I think. I’m going to announce a date soon to hold me accountable to having it and so you can put it on your calendar.