On to Oils…

by sandihester

6×6 oil – SOLD

I’m moving on from my acrylics (tired of those) and ready to move onto sharing my oils with you. I have a ton – since I’ve started painting in oils I’ve been painting like crazy – I just LOVE them! Grady walked into my studio the other day and said, “wow – you have a LOT of paintings in here – you need to have an art sale and clear this place out!”. I’m going to go back to the beginning and start there with sharing with you. You will notice a difference as I start progressing – I start finding my way after a little while and finding my voice and how I like to apply paint. You’ll start to see the paint application get much thicker with a lot of texture. I found I like thick and juicy paint. I think this was my very first oil painting I did of a little kitty and her bowl of milk. And speaking of art sale – I’ll be having one sometime in October I think. I’m going to announce a date soon to hold me accountable to having it and so you can put it on your calendar.