Did You Know God Is A Gardener?

by sandihester

Check it out for yourself – scripture clearly shows us He gardens… 

Now the Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden; and there He put the man He formed.  Genesis 2:8

“I am the true vine, and My Father is the gardener.”  John 15:1

“Sing about a fruitful vineyard:  I, the Lord, watch over it; I water it continually.  I guard it day and night so that no one may harm it.  Isa 27:2-3

They are the shoot I have planted, the work of My hands, for the display of My splendor.  Isaiah 60:21

There are MANY more scriptures all throughout the bible like this.  This picture is dedicated to my dear friend Susan M.  Susan and I love farmer markets and vegetable stands.  She told me about a neat little fresh veggie market here in Hendersonville.  Susan, these veggies came from that market!  I bought them, came home and painted them, and then ate them!  If you look closely at the painting there is a little “friend” named Mr. Fly on the painting.  That’s right – he’s on the painting and not in the painting.  He must have landed on it as I was taking pictures of the painting.  He looks like he belongs there!