by sandihester

Wash me, and I will be whiter than SNOW.  Psalm 51:7

Grady and I are in Beaver Creek Colorado – the same place we came in the Fall.  It’s beautiful here and this morning the snow is coming down hard.  Thought I would post some pictures for you.  You can click on them to make them larger.

First two are from our room and the third is the creek by our hotel…

img_0284.jpg     img_0285.jpg     img_0311.jpg

The first picture you can see my paints set up and where I was painting and the second picture is a self portrait :)…

img_0289.jpg     img_0300.jpg

These are from lunch yesterday.  Grady had been on the slopes all morning – nice hair Grady 🙂  (I can’t say much about hair – mine is looking quite ruff in the above picture).  I ordered soup for lunch and it came in this really cute pot and it even had a lid!  I love cute stuff like that – I had to take a picture of it.  The lady took the lid off for me and I put it back on so I could take it off myself :).  Grady was embarrassed.

img_0314.jpg     img_0315.jpg