Prayer Request

by sandihester

If you’ve read my blog you’ve heard me mention our missionary friends the Crowders.  I have a prayer request for them.  They are returning to Africa tomorrow and I’m asking you to cover them in prayer.  They have a VERY long flight tomorrow – those of you with children will understand – Beverly is pregnant and they have a toddler – have you ever traveled for 24 plus hours with a toddler – you can see why I’m asking you to pray!  They also have 12 “bags” – I think they’re more like crates – they will be traveling with and that they need to arrive on time to Africa with them.  I’m sure you can also understand the importance of their bags arriving, especially with all they need for their toddler.  I appreciate you covering them with your prayers.  I know this may seem strange, but even if you read this after the 17th will you still lift them up in prayer – our God is not bound by time and even if you pray for them well after the flight I know my God will hear and “count” it toward tomorrow :).  Pray that they have very uneventful flights, that they get some rest on these flights, that Thomas (their little boy) has an easy time traveling, and that their bags arrive on time.  Thank you friends for praying for them. 

The paintings below are painted from some pictures the Crowders gave me.  I’m not sure what this building is – in the painting it turned out looking more like a barn, but it is some concrete building -I’m sure Beverly will let me know what it is when she sees this post.  The other painting is self-explanatory.