Amanda’s Birthday

by sandihester

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord! Joshua 24:15

My sister’s birthday was June 24th, but we just celebrated it last night so I couldn’t post her gifts until now.  She asked me last year to paint a picture of their house since it’s the home where her kids are being raised and there’s special memories associated with it.  Well, I did my best – which wasn’t great, but here it is.  I did 3 different versions of it and this is the one I decided on giving her – I didn’t love any of them – I don’t think this is my forte – but I’m also not a very good judge of my own work – I rarely think anything is good.  I also matted a sketch for her that I did at her house while the kids were asleep of Aidan’s scooter.  Happy Birthday Amanda!