by sandihester

“Come to me, all you who are weary…and I will give you rest.”  Matthew 11:28

The Lord definitely gave us some sweet time of rest at the Warden’s cabin this last weekend.  Grady and I fished and painted our hearts out.  No TV, phones, or computers – it was perfect!!!  The Warden’s were very gracious to let us use their cabin – it was a very restful time – – THANK YOU GUYS!!!!.  Tommy also let Grady borrow his kayak – Grady had a blast with that thing (you can see it in the first painting of their cabin).  Here are a few paintings and sketches I did while resting at their lake cabin.

This is a painting I did of the Warden’s lake cabin and Tommy’s kayak – like how I got the kayak in there, Tommy???

This is the marina that is down from their cabin – it was really cute – when I saw it I knew I would be painting it.

Colorful fishing boats.

This was my favorite to paint.  There was this old factory or old mill down from their cabin that I passed to drop Grady off at the river.  I loved it so much that I pulled in one day and just sat there in the parking lot and painted it.  I may paint this one again because it was so much fun doing those old buildings.

This one needs some explaining – and I’m second guessing myself for even putting this one on here.  One day while I was painting I heard a loud boom and I thought a log had fallen on the cabin until I saw feathers flying everywhere.  I ran outside and saw that a fairly good size bird flew right into the window and it was lying there dead.  I quickly called Grady and told him about all the excitement and he told me not to get too close to the bird because sometimes they just knock themselves out – I’m sure he was picturing me bending over to get a good look at the bird and it coming to and flying in my face while I screamed my head off… well I assured him it was dead because blood was running from his little head (Tommy and Debbie don’t worry we discarded the bird into the woods – there is a big blob of “stuff” on your upper window though).  So, here’s where it could get a little weird for some of you – I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to paint this pretty little bird (I mean, how often do you get to look at a bird for so long and that up-close???), so I grabbed my paints and plopped down and painted him – he was so pretty!  I did scream and almost fall out of my chair at one point because I thought I saw the bird move 🙂 – but I think my mind was playing tricks on me – thanks Grady!