This One’s For Grady

by sandihester

Have you entered the storehouses of the snow… Job 38:22

It’s that time of year around our house – ski season – where the magazines start coming in and Grady starts talking a whole lot about planning our ski trip(s).  It’s the time of year where Grady has skiing on his mind ALL the time.  I painted this first painting from a picture I saw in one of his ski magazines – I was drawn to the skis and to the lanterns on the side of the building.  The second painting was more of a quick sketch I did – I wanted to try a snow technique in painting so I did a quick background to put the snow on top of. 

Grady’s watching the weather channel right now – that’s another thing that we do a lot more of when ski season is upon us – Grady starts filling me in every time it snows somewhere.  We would watch the weather channel 24/7 if it was up to Grady – he LOVES it – he even refers to the people on the weather channel like they are his friends – like he knows them personally or something.  There’s someone new on there tonight and he was wondering if she was a fill-in for Alexandria who is pregnant – he got all excited and said, “maybe she had her baby!”.  I don’t even know who Alexandria is, much less that she’s pregnant!!!  Ok, this is funny – Grady just proofed this post for me and informed me that her name is Alexandra… I spelled it wrong – oh brother!!!