Creating Things

by sandihester

You may be wondering why I never posted paintings or pictures from our trip.  Well, I didn’t really have anything great to post.  We did have some cute pictures, but as far as paintings I only had a few sketches – but nothing worth posting.  I haven’t been painting much at all lately  – it’s like the Lord has turned the faucet off.  Even though I haven’t been painting, I have been creating different things that I thought I would share with you.  Click on any of the pictures to see a larger version. 

1.  The first is a new prayer card that I made from some vintage letterpress letters that I bought recently.  They are hand carved so they have some great markings on them. 


2.  The second thing I’ve been working on are new business cards.  I have a big sale tomorrow that I’ve been getting ready for and I needed new business cards.  A local ministry called Healing Hands has invited me to a women’s conference they are having – they’ve asked me to come and set-up all my art to sell!  I’m really excited about it!  Most of the proceeds of the sale will go to Healing Hands. 


3.  The third project is an old bread box Grady and I bought at an auction some friends of ours had to raise money for adoption.  The box was pretty ugly, but I saw the potential – I could tell Grady could NOT see any potential from his comments and looks at this wooden THING I was bringing home.  But I found some great knobs, painted it in a cream color paint and chalk board paint, and distressed it a little.  I think it turned out really cute and it’s very functional for my art room.  It’s the perfect size for art paper and supplies.