Charles Reid Workshop – Day 2

by sandihester

I could barely eat breakfast on day two because day one was so good I was just way too excited and couldn’t wait to get to the workshop. We had two African American models come in on our second day. The morning model was the niece of our afternoon model (the lady I painted). In the first picture you can see Charles in action and our lovely model in the back. I’ve included a close-up of what Charles was working on – the way he brings out the form in the face is just amazing. The third picture is his finished painting. The last two pictures are of my painting in progress (you can see our model in the back) and my finished painting. Charles makes figure painting look SO easy, but it is incredibly hard! I think it’s the most difficult thing to paint. At the end of day two we had our first critique.  We put all our paintings up on the wall and Charles went one by one and told us what we did good and where we could improve. He was very gracious and critiques are one of my favorite things because you learn so much. For the last picture I’ve added some of the class pictures from the first critique – I couldn’t get them all in one picture so this is just part of them.

IMG_2407 IMG_2410

day 2 model

IMG_2424 my day 2 model