Charles Reid Workshop – Day 3 & 4

by sandihester

Day three and four of our workshop we were suppose to bring old black and white photographs to paint from.  Most of us, including Charles, worked from the same photo two days because the paintings took us more time. Charles took two different old photos and combined them into one painting. The first photo he worked from was of a couple in a great old car and the second photo was from a local log cabin store. I worked 4 plus days on my painting from an old photo – I had to finish it once I got home because it took so long. I’ll show you the photo I used and tell you who it’s of and show you the finished painting in the next post, but you can see the beginning of it below of the three ladies. I was exhausted by the end of the third day so I did a quick landscape painting – I needed a break from figure painting and wanted to go to something I was a little more comfortable with. I’ve also included a picture of our second critique – you can see some of my other fellow painter’s work – it was a very talented group. You can click on any of the pictures to see them larger.


day 3 & 4


workshop landscape

day 4 critique