Unexpected Finds

by sandihester

What do Africa, cigars, packing, and bugs have to do with each other? Probably not what you think. You can probably figure out the packing part – that’s what I’ve been doing lately, but what do the others have to do with packing – well I’ll explain. I was clearing out a bookshelf and I came across this unused cigar journal (yes, Grady used to smoke cigars – not any more though) and I was going to put it in the thrift store pile but after I opened it I really liked the paper in it and the little boxes at the top (I think that’s where you’re suppose to put the cigar wrapper or something). I thought that would be a perfect place to do a little sketch and thought I would hold onto it to use as a sketch book. I even like all the little places to put info. about your cigars – or in my case my sketches. I’ve really liked how the paint responds to the paper too. Ok, so here’s how Africa and bugs come into play. We took some books we were getting rid of to a local used book store and while I was there found a great kids book on insects and I bought it to sketch/paint from. I LOVE sketching bugs for some reason. The first bug I sketched was a beetle from Africa – which I thought was appropriate because my mind and heart and prayers have been in and for Africa after a friend sent me a blog that has been rocking my world since I first started reading it. You will be blessed from reading anything on it – but here are a couple that will make you wonder who does this? It’s a blog started by a young lady who now lives in Africa (she’s from Brentwood) and has around 14 kids and feeds and cares for 400 more. She went when she was 18 – she’s 20 or 21 now. You won’t believe what she’s done with her life. Read here and here and here to get a taste of this young girls servant life for Christ. Her posts are long but more than worth the time. It’s truly rocked my world. I have been addicted to her blog lately and can’t stop reading it! Our dinner time consists of me giving Grady the latest on Katie – Grady says he doesn’t have to read her blog because I’m telling him all about it :). Ok so was this post random or what???

green beetle

beeclose-up bee

pink butterflyclose-up butterfly