Nile – A River And A Son – Both In Africa

by sandihester

…at least for now – the son will be coming home soon… some dear friends of ours will be bringing home their baby son, Nile, from Africa soon! You can read about their journey here. They had a baby shower and this is what I made for them. The picture is not Nile – it’s another African baby I got from a friend’s website – but I wanted something in the picture part. I LOVE the name they picked out for their precious little boy. I used my antique hand carved letterpress letters to do his name. I wanted his name to look “watery” and I think it turned out like that. You can click on the pictures to see them larger. We can’t wait to meet little Nile, Clay and Tracy!

On another note, I’d like to point out a new feature on my blog. At the top you’ll notice I’ve added new pages where you go see certain groups of paintings together. For instance if you’d like to see all my Africa paintings you can now go to the ‘missions’ page and scroll through and see all those paintings. You can also click on any of the paintings and it will take you to that post so you can read about the particular painting and see the scripture that goes with it.


close-up nile