Christmas in August

by sandihester

For the record, let me just begin by saying I don’t do commissions (at least not right now), but my sister begged me to do one for her to give as a gift. She asked me to paint her dear friend’s house for a Christmas gift. You may be thinking that it’s a little early to post this and you’re right except that I did this right before all our packing/moving process started. I knew if I didn’t do it now I would not get around to it at Christmas. My sister said that every time her friend Tasha (who I’m also friends with – we graduated high school together) came to her house she was jealous of her house painting and she wanted one of her own. I snuck over to Tasha and Joe’s house and snapped some quick photos. I had a lot of fun painting it. You may be wondering why I’m posting it if it’s a Christmas gift – Amanda went ahead and gave it to her! I had a feeling that would happen :). I’ve included some pictures of the “process” – I actually remembered to take some snap shots as I was painting – thought Tasha and Joe might like to see those. After we get settled into our new house I may start doing commissions on houses – don’t hold me to that, but I am considering it. As always, you can click on any of the pictures below to see them larger.

Tasha's house

Tasha & Joe's houseP7260229P7270237