Biltmore/Fall Trip Part 4

by sandihester

This was our final day of the trip and I was intending on getting some serious painting in. I painted from breakfast until lunch. Grady went back to the Biltmore to do some more tours while I painted. He was so kind each day to find something to do while I did what I love to do. This is the “inside” of the building you saw in my last post. The building creates a kind of court-yard and has an ice cream store, shop, and several other neat little spaces. I found a spot in the shade and as out of the way as I could be. I did have several people stop by and look at what I was doing. I get very nervous when people do that – guess it’s my insecurity over my paintings. Below you can see my view of what I was painting. I thought I’d get the “Creamery” (ice cream shop) in the painting in honor of Grady – that man loves him some ice cream!

Here you can see a better view of my set-up and my supplies – that’s not coffee in the cup 🙂 – it’s my dirty paint water. I LOVE my new little travel palette – isn’t she cute!

Here’s the final sketch – you can click on it to see it larger. It was a fun relaxing day and it challenged me a little with people being around. That wraps up our fall trip – finally!