Biltmore/Fall Trip Part 3

by sandihester

It feels a little weird to go back to sharing about my trip after the last couple of posts, but our trip was a blessing from the Lord too and I want to wrap it up (I have one more post on it after this one). At this point I can’t remember what day of the trip this was, but it was one of my favorite painting days even though it got cut short because the rain pushed me inside. That morning I knew exactly where I wanted to paint – in the “kitchen” garden. It’s the garden they used to use for the meals and they still have an active garden there now. I loved this little place! I can’t remember what they called the building in the background but I painted the inside of it the next day – I’ll be sharing these pictures next.

That morning I found a quiet little place to set-up my gear and I was looking forward to painting for a couple of hours. It drizzled on me the whole time I was painting. I’m not sure if you can tell it or not but the rain was creating some neat texture on my painting! It quickly started a pretty good down pour and I had to scurry like crazy to get everything in the car before I was finished with my painting. I was able to finish the painting in the room because before it started raining I was able to get some photos.

This is the “interactive” page I was telling you about. Before we left for the trip I pasted different types of papers and some small envelopes on random pages. This was one of the pages with an envelope which worked out perfectly because it allowed me to do a small painting of something in the garden. I call it interactive because you get to pull the small painting out – kind of like something you’d find in a kids book – I found it to be quite fun 🙂 and will be adding this type of thing in my journals more often. I took some beautiful pictures of what I think was rhubarb but I’m not 100% sure – I forgot to look at the tag thingy. Here’s the picture I was inspired to paint from – the light was shining through the stalks making the colors really sing!

And this is the mini painting found in the envelope. The envelope allowed me some fun space to journal too. Even with the rain and short time I had to paint I have some great memories from that morning! I do love this gift of painting the Lord has given me – I especially love it when it allows me to be out in His beautiful creation!