New Look and New Medium

by sandihester

You may, or may not, have noticed there is a new look to my blog. It’s a little cleaner and fresher. Because of the new look some of my older posts may be a little wonky :). I’m not going to take the time to clean them up – please just over look the wonkiness.

I’ve been playing around with a new medium lately that I really really love – acrylics. As always, there’s a big learning curve when you start a new medium but it’s been fun playing around with something new. It’s actually been hard to pull me away from my studio because of this new medium. For those of you who may be interested, I came across a great website that has a lot to share about acrylics. There’s lots of instruction, tips, and FREE videos!!! Yahoo for that! Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out I also signed up for Will’s art courses and they were really good.

I still have a LOT to learn with this medium but I thought I’d share some of my first paintings with you. I’m adding several to this post since it may be while before I get back on here again – at least that seems to be the pattern :). You can click on the picture to see any of them larger. All of these except the red barn are small 6 x 6 paintings. There’s also some glare on some of these – I’m still working on photographing these acrylic paintings without glare – it’s much different from photographing my watercolor paintings.